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Freakyweakywoo 02 August 2004 13:16

The Real EAB exclusive Amiga Hall of Fame 1988
This is it, the time as come. It’s voting time; don’t let your favourite game down. It needs your vote. You may think you have see and replied to this thread already today, but that was all in your mind you sick people. The voting is public so all your EAB peers will be able to see what you voted for, of course feel free to tell everyone anyway with an amusing post.

Let the games begin!

Belgarath 02 August 2004 13:25

Not a single typo/spelling mistake, well done!

Dungeon Master is the one for me, an absolute classic game that just oozed atmosphere and had excellent level design. Zak comes a close second for me though.

Freakyweakywoo 02 August 2004 13:30

Thanks Belgy, but this post wasnt without its; shall we say 'slight mishap'.

I voted for Elite, with Dungeon Master giving it a good run for its money.
Elite just stole way more of my life than Dungeon Master, but DM's 'warcry' sfx still gets a laugh out of me even to this day

WEEEARRRGGGHHH!!!!!! :laughing

AmiGer 02 August 2004 13:54

It's hard, so many great games... :scream

2.Zak McKracken
3.Carrier Command
5.Great Giana Sisters
8. ...the rest :)

So I vote for Elite... :bowdown

Marcuz 02 August 2004 14:24

well done FWW! i was looking fwd to this, these EAB halls of Fame should be pinned in year order! btw the time for the poll build of the other two was longer, am i right?

i've gone for F/A-18 Interceptor, the game on the list that got most time from me :) essential design, hard and frustrating, fun when you were escaping from one or two a/a missile!

but in some way i feel Outrun and Super Hang On more representative of an era (not for amiga, i mean for me)... thanks again

Freakyweakywoo 02 August 2004 14:42

Cheers Marco, yes the nominations were open for about a week or so and the full poll used to be a month long. So to speed things along this time the nominations were over the weekend (plus a day or so), and the poll is open for two weeks, as before the voting used to die off after about that long. I am going to try and get the other years done with only small breaks (maybe a week). There might be problems as in the 90's there were lots of great games out each year, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Jope 02 August 2004 15:00

There's SO many good ones on the list, but Carrier Command has to be it.. I used to spend lots of time with that as a kid.

Dastardly 02 August 2004 16:07

I voted for Interceptor. Its my fave flight sim of all time and imo still hasnt been bettered.

killergorilla 02 August 2004 16:07

Nice work Freaky,

Proud of ya kid! :laughing

I've voted for Menace again cos it's the only one I can say I'll go back to time and time again and play without getting bored. (ok it's not the only one)

Other faves on the list are F/A-18, Buggy Boy, Xenon, Pac-Mania and Wizball. Some great games in 1988.

My god the 90's are gonna be hard...

plasmatron 02 August 2004 20:40

Was very diffycult for me. But i thought that it is better to vote for a strictly AMIGA game. No conversions like Giana and Outrun.

So my personal #1 is of course --- H Y B R I S --- !!!

kolorabi 02 August 2004 23:41

If I'm going to be objective it's probably Elite that's _the_ game of 1988, but the one on the list that I've enjoyed the most is IK+, so I voted for that.

There are so many good games there that it almost feels like a criminal offence to only vote for one of them..

Freakyweakywoo 03 August 2004 10:58

Why is IK+ doing well? I really thought it would be Dungeon Master, Elite or Interceptor running away with it.

I am myself a fan of IK+, and for me it was quick to pick up (having played years of IK on the c64) but was very replayable.

Or is IK+ getting the votes because it has such a genral appeal?
Maybe its because it didnt require as large of a time commitment.

mr_0rga5m 03 August 2004 15:12

IK+ is for eeediots .. Just pick up the funstick and waggle it about until something happens (yes i'm still talking bout IK+) :P

Marcuz 03 August 2004 21:35

c'mon people! vote! 43 logged users right now, thousands people registered and only a bunch of votes? these polls deserves better!

edit: bunch = 29

the wolf 04 August 2004 02:10

Hmmm, hmmm & hmmm...
So many good titles and only one vote...
As I said in the other thread, my favs are:

Great Giana Sisters
Super Hang On

Typical arcade, as you see... :)

Giana is a spin off of Super Mario, but still a great game, even after 15 years...
Hybris is a good seu for that year...
IK+ is a classic, no matter "eeediots" or not...
Speedball...well, is Speedball!
Super Hang On is one of the best racing conversion ever made on Amiga!

ARGH! Why a single vote???


I decided...for one of the games I play often when use Amiga...

Super Hang On!
(I simply love the adrenalin when the turbo is inserted...Don't try this in real life! :crazy )

manicx 04 August 2004 10:42

I voted for IK+. This game is just a hell of a game that I still play with my pals....

Methanoid 04 August 2004 13:57

DM, IK+ isnt fit to lick its boots!! ;)

Shatterhand 05 August 2004 09:30

Elite, no doubt. This is maybe the game I've put more hours in my whole life.

IK+ would surely be the runner-up. 3rd place for Zany Golf, 4th for Super Hang-on and 5th for Virus.

I've never played the Amiga version of Buggy Boy. Does it play any like the C64 one? I really like that game.

Akira 05 August 2004 18:52

Looks like I'm the only idiot who has voted for Virus.

Virus is a terrific little game from David Braben that everyone should check out.

Antiriad 05 August 2004 19:32

this is damn hard! 1988 was a year of classics

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