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musashi 26 July 2003 15:11

Amiga Format scan question
Hi all,

This is my first post and I don't know it this is the right forum to ask, but I'll try anyway.
Some time ago my interest in the amiga was renewed. Thanks to winuae and an old A500 and A1200. Together with those old computers I found about 50 AF's in very good condition. And since then I've enjoyed myself reading these issues again. But I miss the early issues and of course the last ones.

Now the question is: is there a site where one can find scans of AF. Maybe this could be copyright violation but nowadays you can't order backissues and I would love to read some `new' AF's.

Syko 26 July 2003 18:16

Sorry 'Myamoto' (I persume that's the derivation of you moniker :p ) NAFAIK.

However I'm scanning some stuff from Amiga mags to be published in PDF format for upgrading A500's etc + H/w projects. After that it's programming stuff eg Bitmap Bro's on assembler... but don't hold your breath. :laughing

I've got sht loads of old mags and once I've got those two proj's done I might start wholesale copywrite theft :lol by scaning them and puting an issue per PDF file... while it may be ilegel, :eek I don't think the original copywrite holders are going to give a toss - like they're going to make any more money off any of it...

TheBoss 26 July 2003 21:38

I dont mind you uploading some "mysterious" PDF files on my ftp in the future Syko:nervous :p

Antiriad 26 July 2003 21:58

Amiga Magazines are the last bastion of preservation that is required

Syko 27 July 2003 23:13

I'll let you know when the first set's done. I've got the first page done today, and I'm going to try for at least two pages a day, so it should be finished in about two weeks ;)

If your interested, I'm using Omnipage Pro 11 for the OCR and a Mustek 600CU FBS scanner. Then printing from OpenOffice.org via PDF Factory to get the final PDF files.

TheBoss 28 July 2003 12:37

I was thinking last year when I had 3 months pause from work if I should scan my old Amiga mags. So I took them all back from the addic, but the quality on most of the mags sure ain't up for it anymore:( We really need to begin preserving these gems before its too late. Old mags cant hold forever but a scanned one can!

cv643d 28 July 2003 20:07

Just tell me when its finished and I will have my FlashFXP ready :)

Im on 3 gigabytes of Crash (spectrum mag) now.. the complete Crash set i 5 gig :-/

musashi 29 July 2003 16:17


Great answers.

I started scanning one of my old AF's and tried to convert them to pdf. It worked but the files size for one complete scanned mag would be quite big. Let alone for a whole collection of scanned mags.

Are there any `rules' or should I say guidelines? It would be a shame if I started scanning stuff and no one would like the result.

When scanning do you include all the ad's?

etc etc.

Syko 29 July 2003 16:56

I'm not going to scan ad's, unless it's for a product that's reviewed in that issue, or it's of significance (could be any reason, from history to someone requesting it...), otherwise you end up with too much irrelivent stuff.

I'm aiming to preserve the serious articles, user guides, educational bits and reviews rather than the editorial, letters etc. But if others wish to do it differently, then that's fine by me. The reason I'm doing it the way I am, is so that the end file retains its readability under magnification.

I'll post the first couple of pages I've done - in zipped PDF - so you can see what I'm aiming for. This is an article from Computer Shopper on upgrading the A500(+). It's got nasty text layout, huge gfx and is bloody hard to get into PDF neatly. If you start with the hard bit the rest don't seem so bad ;)

musashi 29 July 2003 17:23

You're right about the ads. Especially in the years when AF was big almost half of it consisted of ad's.

BTW Wouldn't it be great if everyone who has a scanner, some old mags and some pdf software would scan only a few mags!
Everything would be done in a few months.

TheBoss 29 July 2003 18:01

Well I already scanned a bit of the ACE mag in the memories section but anyway, what the problem is that I see is that it takes time!, lotza time and some of us with scanners and Amiga mags are working, studying or both:hoo

I dont mind scanning some more but an entire mag is much!

Syko 29 July 2003 23:30

Got plenty of free time, that's why the bit under my moniker says "Gizz'a job" :laughing

TheBoss 29 July 2003 23:43


Originally posted by Syko
Got plenty of free time, that's why the bit under my moniker says "Gizz'a job" :laughing
Switch your gear higher up and go scan some 300+ pages Amiga Format mags for us!
Be sure to upload it on my ftp server slave!:lol :lol :lol

Twistin'Ghost 30 July 2003 01:50


Originally posted by musashi
I started scanning one of my old AF's and tried to convert them to pdf. It worked but the files size for one complete scanned mag would be quite big. Let alone for a whole collection of scanned mags.

Are there any `rules' or should I say guidelines? It would be a shame if I started scanning stuff and no one would like the result.

The only rule I can stress (and I can never stress it enough) is to scan no lower than 300dpi. Most scanning software defaults to 72dpi, which is just useless. Less pixels means less original image. Scan a page with text at 72dpi and then again at 300dpi. Now reduce the dimensions of the pictures (I dunno, to 640* width) and try to read the text. There will be a noticable difference.

Syko 30 July 2003 16:15

Here we go, A500-HW-upgrd.zip uploaded to the zone.

I think there's been a few people waiting for this one.... as I seem to remember somebody wanting this info from the hardware prb... oh well, it's worth the wait :)

musashi 07 August 2003 16:13


I've been scanning a little and have made a pfd out off half AF23. Before going any further I like some comments on the quality.

I've scanned it with 200dpi. I tried 300 dpi but that took too long and the difference in the final pdf wasn't great.

- scanning at 200dpi
- touched up the files a little using a well known program
- resized the files to approx 961x1441
- used another well known program to make the pdf with jpeg2k reduction

this resulted in a 12.4 MB file which can be opened with Adobe Reader 6.0 (not with 5.0 or lower) I hope this works also if you don't have the jpeg2k plugin installed.

Final question: where can I upload this file?

BTW the you'll notice a big difference between pages 1-54 and 55-98. Guess I used different scanning settings.

Well had nothing this afternoon and found the AF CD32 Supplement that got me drooling when I first read it. I scanned the thing and because it only has 20 pages I made a complete pfd out of it. Same procedure as above and only about 5 MB. Sad to say but as with real amiga's the magazines also suffer from yellowing. Page 2 & 19 look a lot better because they were printed on the insides of the cover.

Syko 07 August 2003 20:27

You should be able to load it to 'The Zone'.

musashi 07 August 2003 22:42

posted them in the zone. Have fun and please post your comments.

TheBoss 08 August 2003 08:53

Hey musashi. I just wanna say as a fan of the CD32, its like getting a christmas [Summer present? ,lol) gift:) Even more exiting is that more people is slowly starting to scan Amiga mags before its to late. Thx for doing the job and im sure its someting that takes time and effort to complete. I love to help you out but I dunno how except tell that someone has also made your pdf file available on my server (in upload folder) for everyone;)

Thalion 08 August 2003 14:32

Just read this and thought to myself that i can contribute.
I have scanned in a whole Amiga Mag not long ago. The quality is quite bad, i hadn't the time to get all pages look like gold but i think its "viewable". The only problem is just that it's about 70MB big and a problem for some of you might be that it is a GERMAN Mag. But if you're still interested let me know.
BTW. you could upload alle your scans on my ftp. :)

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