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turrican3 01 September 2019 13:46

winuae with 2 pc sounds cards
multi sid c64 exemple : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHDNcSiYPcE

Hi toni,
I have 2 sounds cards surely like you... The mobo sound card + sbz.
could it be possible to output a toccata through the mobo sound card and the paula sound through the sbz or vice versa ??
Or perhaps if i'm not wrong some amiga games simulates more than 4 channels, turrican and others... winuae could play the 4 1st voices on the mobo snd card and the others on the 2nd.
Turrican for the first time with all voices played separately !!
ok it seems a little too much, but i don't know, perhaps it could be easy to do ?? Or perhaps you'll think to a better utilization of 2 sound cards to enhance the quality or to reduce the impact of the sound emulation on winuae speed, or perhaps winuae could emulate 2 cards separately more accurately ? Or perhaps like with the c64 emulators,we could emulate 2 paula, like this we could launch a mod or a mp3 on one card and the sfx of the game on the others.(i suppose that we just need a player who could send the sound data to the adress of the new paula ?) Or perhaps a whdload wich could support the 2nd card you set in whdload the path for the mod, it could play it during gamess with lack of music.

I really don't know what is possible or not ??
ps : it could perhaps make appear some paula cards that you could plug on your a1200 to have a better sound like the commodore 64 can have multi sid ??? I really don't know i just put that here, if it sounds too crazy just ignore it, if something looks possible tell me.
edited : i mean 2 sound cards with 2 separate speakers output (2 x 5.1).

Toni Wilen 01 September 2019 19:10

Different emulated sound cards can have different output device but it needs extra work to support feature that is quite pointless..

2x Paula: Not going to happen in real world (Agnus would also need update to support extra DMA channels) so I am not going to bother with it.

Programs doing software mixing: Not possible (think about it..)

And no no and no to everything else!

turrican3 18 September 2019 03:18

ok no problem, ;)I have your exprt pov you now.

Thank you for the reply :great, to be honest i didn't expect really one.

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