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dframeli 08 September 2009 16:05

Amithlon / AHI Sound Configuration Guide?
Does anyone know whether an Amithlon/AHI sound configuration guide exists?

I have Amithlon installed, along with an Amithlon compatible sound card (SB 512), Kernal v3.10, Drivers v0.90, AHI v6.0 (w/Paula), OpenPCI v2.1 and powerpci library.

I've configured AHI properly (I think).

When I play a song, I can see AmigaAMP's leds move as if the player is playing my song, however there's no sound output...

BTW, I editted and then started Puh, but that made no difference. I also tried two other Amithlon compatible cards, yet the result is the same.

I must have overlooked some small detail... Can anyone recommend that it might have been?


thomas 08 September 2009 16:33

Probably the sound card is muted. Find the Mixer utility which allows you to change the volumes for the sound card.

Also there is a conflict between the new Linux-wrapper drivers and the original Amithlon drivers. You may install only one kind. Read the docs of the updates.

dframeli 09 September 2009 15:56


I checked the AHI and Sound control panels, but did not find a mute option. (Volume levels are set to MAX)

I also checked the AmigaAmp configuration, but did not find one there either. (Volume is set to MAX and EQ Boost is also set to MAX)

I have the AC'97 mixer (all options are unmuted) but since this is a SB board, I didn't think I needed to use it...

Were you referring to something else when you mentioned unmuting the mixer utility?

Any other suggestions?


thomas 09 September 2009 16:37

I am not sure what it's called, it's quite some time since I used Amithlon last time. Probably it's the AC97 mixer.

Every platform which uses PC sound cards (Morphos, OS4, Meditator, Amithlon) comes with some kind of mixer utility. Some of the sound card drivers mute the sound card by default, so you have to run the mixer first, before you can hear anything.

dframeli 10 September 2009 15:58

I have 3 different SB sound cards sitting here.

All 3 are supposedly Amithlon compatible (SoundBlaster 128 w/ES1371 chip, SoundBlaster 128 w/CT5880 chip and SoundBlaster 512).

I've tested each of these 3 sound cards (one at a time, seperately), all 3 react the same way... I can see the leds in AmigaAMP moving for the duration of the song that is being played, however I hear nothing...

At the moment, only one card, the SoundBlaster 128 w/ES1371 chip is installed.

Even though I'm using a SB card, I tried the AC'97 Mixer utility. I confirmed that all options were unmuted, however I'm still not getting any sound output.

I editted PuhDerBaer and launched that, but again, no sound....

Currently, I have AHI v6.0 installed, and PAULA Stereo ++ selected in the AHI control panel as my output... (I tried the other options already)

Just so that I'm clear on the process, can you tell me what I need to install to get sound working, and also the sequence of steps that need to be taken within the Amiga OS to enable Amithlon sound output?

Also, is there a SB specific mixer, or just is the AC'97 Mixer utility the only one available?


prowler 10 September 2009 21:37


Originally Posted by dframeli (Post 593513)
Also, is there a SB specific mixer, or just is the AC'97 Mixer utility the only one available?

Hi Dale,

A while ago, there was a site (amigabest.com) which hosted a lot of drivers and utilities for the Amiga including Amithlon. Unfortunately the site no longer exists in that guise.

When it was online, there was an AC97 Mixer 2.1 for Amithlon listed, but nothing for SoundBlaster or other sound cards.

I can upload it for you if it's different to yours and you'd like to try it. :)

dframeli 11 September 2009 18:22


Thanks. I have a copy of the AC'97 Mixer utility.

Question, how do I load the Amithlon sound drivers???

They do not shown up in my AHI control panel.

Thanks Again!

prowler 11 September 2009 21:47

Hi Dale,

I've uploaded the AC97 Mixer 2.1 for Amithlon to the Zone, just in case there's something in the archive you don't have.

I think that if the SoundBlaster had been fitted before installing Amithlon, the drivers would have installed automatically. There may be no provision to install the drivers retrospectively, if you have added it since then.

dframeli 11 September 2009 21:53



I just kept messing with it until "finally", the Amithlon sound driver appeared in my AHI control panel. Not sure exacly what the problem was, but it appears to be fixed now :)

(BTW, the AHI SB and AHI AC'97 drivers did not work for me).

Thanks Again!

prowler 11 September 2009 22:00


Originally Posted by dframeli (Post 594010)
(BTW, the AHI SB and AHI AC'97 drivers did not work for me).

But the AC97 Mixer does seem to have good compatibility with the SoundBlaster according to the AmigaGuide included with it.

prowler 11 September 2009 23:51

Hi Dale,

I've found the new web address for the amigabest.com site:
However, none of the downloads ( http://www.chez.com/amigabest/indexeng.php3 ) are working, and the site was last updated on 3rd August 2003. :(

Edit: Fortunately, there's still quite a lot of useful info under the SUPPORT, COMPATIBILITY, TEST, FAQS and INSTALL tabs.

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