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    Random number generation is the art of producing pure gibberish as quickly as possible.
    - Bob Jenkins


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  1. prowler
    14 March 2009 00:45
    Hi Thorham,

    It's the weekend again at last and I've got the booze lined up already ;)

    I grabbed meynaf's dungeon just before he updated it, and now he's added extra levels, etc.

    I've had no time to try it yet, but I'm still hoping. When I try it, you'll be the first to know. I don't think I'll need to trouble meynaf. I'm _expecting_ it to be difficult! :D

    Have a relaxing weekend, mate!

  2. prowler
    03 March 2009 01:36
    Hi Thorham,

    Yes, I had a great weekend thanks, mate! A weekend without booze is too much like the rest of the week. ;)

    I had thought Meynaf's dungeon was an add-on. I didn't realize it was standalone. So now I've downloaded it and will give it a try. I'm very rusty and probably won't last too long, but it will bring back memories and add some fun to the week!

    You have a good week too, mate.
  3. prowler
    18 February 2009 03:38
    Hi Thorham,

    Having a good week so far, thanks! Hey it's real hectic on here tonight and I didn't get logged in till late, either!

    When I said "crack" the dungeon, I really meant you were the first to make any real progress...

    I really like the DM games, but I've only got versions for the PC and Atari ST, so I don't think I could try it. Or could I?

    You have a good week too, mate!

  4. prowler
    12 February 2009 21:21
    Hi Thorham,
    I'm very well, thanks. How about you, mate?
    Thanks for accepting my friendship request. These days, we need all the friends we can get. I'm not sure what happened with that, though...
    Congratulations on cracking meynaf's custom dungeon!
  5. amigakit.com
    24 November 2008 23:12
    We try our best- however the market is tough.
  6. TCD
    22 November 2008 20:38
    Good to hear everything is back to normal :)
    Hope my new avatar isn't too weird for you ;)
  7. TCD
    22 November 2008 14:06
    Hi David,

    long time no see ;)
    Well I thought it was time for a 'facelift' after two years :) My old avatar looked a bit dark and stuff, so I thought I change it to a bit nicer one. Did you see it's good ol' Cthulhu :D Okay, the kiiddy, funny version hehe

    Hope you're doing well and that your legs are now back to normal :)
    Have a nice weekend mate
  8. Dizzy
    01 September 2008 20:40
    Hi Thorham
    thx fine how about yours :)
  9. Shoonay
    31 August 2008 22:48
    Hello there friend!
    Thanks, it's pretty fine here, not to much rain, not to much sun... just how I like it :)
    I guess it'll stop raining eventually at your place, but for now, the things aren't so bad I'm sure, the more you can enjoy your Amiga, I guess... ;)
    ... and cats :)
  10. Thorham
    26 August 2008 02:09
    Hi Jan,

    'I only can tell you that I don't miss it ;) I don't know if I ever manage to quit smoking cigarettes, but quitting weed was easier as I thought it would be. If you only do weed and alcohol once a week I think it's not that bad for your health, but of course it's better to quit it completely.'
    Good thing you don't miss it :) Ten years ago I used to be mentally addicted to weed like there was no tomorrow :( I really couldn't stand not using every day. Over time this effect has been reduced dramatically, thank goodness. Yeah, once a week in the weekends isn't that bad, still, getting drunk like I do is never going to be healthy, though. As for tobacco, that shit really sucks rocks, man. If I don't smoke, I get pepper in my ass, as we say in Dutch, and I can't sit still. However, there will come a day when all those useless substances are going to be tossed in to the bin for sure. If you ever want to quit smoking, then I wish you the best of luck; smoking is not easy to quit :(

    'No, that are really all Lucasfilms/Arts adventures on the Amiga :( If you can't find a certain LA adventure for the PC (always search for the 'Talkie' version) leave me a note and I can help you ;) Home of the Underdogs is good, but I think they don't host LA there, because it's a bit tricky to find LA adventures on the internet.'
    What a pity. Those adventures are rather good. It would be a good idea for game publishers to republish their games on the internet if they're not selling them anymore.

    'Are you back to work yet? I really hope your legs and the rest is back to normal mate. Anyway have a great week.'
    Yes, I am! And a good thing, too, because I was getting a little bored hanging around the house all day. About my legs: They're fine and as good as new, mate. Thanks for asking :)

    Hope you have a good week, too.



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