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  1. queenfan
    25 August 2013 08:34
    Hello. I'm referencing this message.

    Did you ever make those memory adapters for the analogic FD box on CD32?
  2. mabus
    21 November 2012 23:11
    Happy birthday to you lad! I only logged on just now to see if things are still going, and it seems they are... I hope you are not reading this today, as it would be a waste to spend a birthday on the Internet when you should be with your friends and family.
  3. circlip
    19 March 2012 05:47
    Hi Zetr0!

    In need of a A608 for Amiga 600. Is there anyone I can contact, or anyone you know who would be selling them, even if I have to build one myself?

  4. gundamnrt87
    12 November 2011 09:42

    Need help!


    where can I find the documents,schematics and source files(PCB...) for version 2008?

    I look on net and many forums,nothing but fail...

    I want to built my self only for me :) just to learn some staff :)

    on this forum thay say to ask you :) ????
  5. jason404
    20 September 2011 08:08
    Hello. I see you have a load of Amiga Format cover disks. I was wondering if you knew which one included an early Amiga demo that had a bouncing King Tutenkamun image from Deluxe Paint, along with some graphic equalizers and music (it may have been on ST/Amiga Format, but I doubt it)? I'd really like to see that demo again, as it had a big impact on my life. It led me to buy Devpac2 and the 68000 and ROM kernel manuals and attempt learning assembly language, which ended up in a huge fail, which put me off programming for 20 years and go into architecture instead of IT. Now I am back in IT, where I should have been all along. I need to see this bloody demo! (I think it was German or something). Thanks.
  6. woody57
    16 June 2011 02:30
    Hi Zetro it is I not some copy merchant ..I need to ask if you you still have a link to that wireless piggyback theft device that you you sent me a few years back ...I ask this because my ISP is trying to claim their modem combined router is hack proof from any other use ....like many today the unlimited useage promise on packages is being attacked by the" fair useage clause bandits " & as an ancient internet & pioneer amiga user I am very ready to blast these frauds any way i can ...sorry for my useal rant but hey thats me an old annoying git ...by the way I still love your project work on minimig and other developments I hope the flag of amiga pioneers keeps pushing the limits as you too are definitely one of them TTFN guy !
  7. Mediator
    05 May 2011 22:01
    Hello friend, I do not like to bother with the full story. I am a big fan of the Amiga computer, I found myself on this site a lot of your posts related to acellerator card( mc 68020-030). I am specifically interested in Amiga 500 turbo cards but no link for dovnload Egle file does not work.
    I am a big enthusiasts but not hawe some funds to buy CARD and expansion for the Amiga and I ask you, therefore if you send me some Eagle files for the Amiga accelerator card 500th . I am hobbyists(electronics) and ahead I hope to use your files will be able to create a card that will bring more speed to my old Amiga.
    Thank in advance
  8. turrican3
    04 May 2011 04:40
    hi zetro,
    your pm is full ?
    i sand you 2 pm but you didn't even open them ????
  9. Sensi
    24 April 2011 13:22
    Happy Easter! :-)
  10. Vairn
    24 April 2011 08:04
    thats what I guessed, or TCD decided to delete them all ;)

    Thanks, I shall wait till I get my "hall pass" hehe.


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