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Conversation Between Predseda and Tiddlypeeps
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  1. Tiddlypeeps
    08 April 2010 02:07
    Sorry, havent been on in a while. You can go bigger with the creatures if you want to, but 20x20 is the absolute biggest they can be. You could make a few in different sizes, smaller creatuers would be weaker but faster and the bigger ones would be stronger but slower, or sumthing like that. I would say 2 - 3 animation frames would be enough, its up to you. The towers will be static, its easier to work with and i think will look better. Medieval style sounds good.
  2. Predseda
    30 March 2010 23:08
    8x12 creature will be very small, something "lemming-type". You will need the animated sprites i think, so how many animation frames should those creatures have? Also the towers - should they be animated (some rotation of the weapon on the top), or fixed, like those in Gemcarft? I think I will do it in medieval style, which fits best to the genre.
  3. Predseda
    30 March 2010 22:27
    I played the gemcraft to the 17th level and few other tower defense games, so I now know the game principle. Looks well, I will try to create smtg.
  4. Tiddlypeeps
    17 March 2010 15:40
    Sorry I assumed you knew the genre. Here are a couple of my favourites http://armorgames.com/play/1716/gemcraft
  5. Predseda
    13 March 2010 19:23
    I have never played any tower defense type game, so I will first try any at least to know how it works.
  6. Tiddlypeeps
    13 March 2010 17:46
    I am writing it in C and asm, using Gamesmith. The art im using at the moment is 320x256 on 32cols. The machine im developing on is the A1200. The game is going to be in top down view. I will need about 3 different types of towers about 15x15, and about 3 different types of creatures about 8x12 in size. Also a background image with a path that starts at the edge of the screen and twists and turns untill it reaches a base type building. The style could be completely up to you, I have no idea what I think it should look like when its done.

    Just so you know this is my first time working with the Amiga so I am still learning a lot and am unsure of a lot of stuff. So forgive me if I say stupid stuff >.<
  7. Predseda
    13 March 2010 00:00
    What programming language it would be based on? I am asking because for example Amos is limited in graphics to OCS. I also prefer 320x256 on 32cols (64 halfbrite respectivelly), but if you would be able to use 256 colors, I would try to do an AGA graphics. I think at first you should have some basic imagination to specify, for example - tell me: "draw a tower, 50 pixels in height, isometric view, in 3 states of damage (by catapult, or by fire or so). It should be in lowres". And I will try to do my best and you will tell me if it is acceptable then.
  8. Tiddlypeeps
    12 March 2010 12:23
    Hey :)
    I havent yet completely decided on what exactly the end product is going to play like, but the bits I have decided on are that it will be a path based tower defence game. I want the mechanics to be kind of simillar to GemCraft, in the way that the towers can be upgraded in different ways, like mixing different types of elemental damage. I think they way im going to work that is possibly enemys will randomly drop power ups when killed that you can attack onto the towers when upgrading them, or something like that. Still unsure of the specifics, im just trying to get the basics running at the moment.
  9. Predseda
    11 March 2010 21:28
    Hello. Tell me more about your imagination of that Tower defense game. I would like to contribute a bit.

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