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Conversation Between Ian and Fred the Fop
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  1. Fred the Fop
    13 February 2010 05:54
    Fred the Fop
    Ian ol pal
    Read why I left: I can't stand self important meanies.
    Your pal Fred.


    Ask Dizzy for my email, if you like.
  2. Fred the Fop
    27 September 2009 17:39
    Fred the Fop
  3. Fred the Fop
    17 May 2009 20:37
    Fred the Fop
    Method git is up to his old begging tricks again Let's say i intend to relive some old memories with him :evilgrin
  4. Fred the Fop
    27 December 2008 10:37
    Fred the Fop
    Hey bro, just hoping you are doing well. I would like to know what your progress is, and if you want me to beat up Bippy for you. Merry Xmas and NEw years, buddy.
  5. Fred the Fop
    17 October 2008 19:07
    Fred the Fop
    Ian my friend, how are you? Why is it your faggot ass never posted about your accident? Man, dude, I am very glad you are OK. Just what happened anyway?

    I guess you are taking a break from your modded Escorts and Kas right about now! But I do want to know how you are doing. And let's see if we can get TE back, new and improved!

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