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Conversation Between Fingerlickin_B and T_hairy_bootson
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  1. T_hairy_bootson
    25 December 2009 14:27
    Hey Blake,

    Nah its cool man, I already have one I never use. Was just having a look, cheers though.

    2010 should be a year of me getting rid of more stuff rather than collecting if you know what I mean. :)
  2. Fingerlickin_B
    25 December 2009 12:47
    noticed you checking out my CD32 for sale thread.

    Dude, you have done me the best deals before George...willing to pay you back...send me a PM :)
  3. T_hairy_bootson
    10 June 2008 09:08
    No probs man, need to sort my amiga gear out. Just got my a4000 back from repair so most of my spare amiga time goes towards setting that up.
  4. Fingerlickin_B
    10 June 2008 04:49
    Hey man,

    Just letting you know I traded today, but if you have any interesting bits pop up I'm always keen to know...and send you $$$ for them :)
  5. Fingerlickin_B
    29 May 2008 05:48
    Ah ok,

    Looks like I might have a local trade...but not 100% certain, so I'll be sure to let you know how that turns out and if it's still available.
  6. T_hairy_bootson
    29 May 2008 05:20
    Need to have a good look at it Fingers, not got much spare time atm. It starts up sometimes but other times it just displays various coloured blank screens. I need to hook it up to a colour monitor to diagnose it further.
  7. Fingerlickin_B
    25 May 2008 11:29
    Hey man, I just scored an A2000 keyboard for $20 :D

    Been watching eBay for one for ages, as it's also needed for some other projects.

    Anyways, this machine you have with intermittent start-up issues...I'm keen to know more (eg what are the issues?).
  8. Fingerlickin_B
    21 May 2008 07:00
    Ah ok, well if one comes good let me know.

  9. T_hairy_bootson
    21 May 2008 06:47
    One seems to have intermident startup issues, I tested it on an old Green screen apple monitor so will need to hook it up to my 1084 to diagnose further, the other doesnt seem to boot at all but both powersupplies seem to be working. Need time to mess around with them.
  10. Fingerlickin_B
    21 May 2008 06:24
    Nah that's cool man, I understand.

    What's wrong with the other ones by the way?

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