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  1. Crown
    13 February 2011 11:06
    Hi Darren,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Where could I get hold of all your mods? that would be great

    I would also like to interview you for http://amp.dascene.net

    could you send me the adf of amnesia 2?

    thx. :)
  2. Greyfox
    15 September 2010 15:39
    Yes m8, I was Punisher of Eclipse IRL. I have adf's of the Amnesia issue 2 here and also can be nagged from Back to Roots site" also I will start putting a pak together with all the best stuff I did on Protracker, I also did some stuff on Fast Tracker too back in 1996-2000 if there any use..let me know..

    take care

  3. Crown
    15 September 2010 13:25
    Hi Pal,

    thanks for the quick reply.

    were you in Eclipse? I have someone called Punisher/Eclipse in IE?

    I hope you could send me ALL your tunes. I will keep some only for myself if you do not want them to be spread. :)

    please send to crown@dascene.net :)

    do you still have that diskzine you mentionned?

  4. Greyfox
    12 September 2010 21:50
    Originally Posted by Crown
    Hi Pal,

    I read your post on hoffman's thread.

    Could you tell me under which handle you composed music on amiga?

    How could I get hold of all the tunes you tracked?


    Hi man,

    wow..never thought I hear someone was interested in my MODS..I never actually released any on the scene, these would of being all in house products, since I live in Ireland, there was no demo scene or scene products out , the only one I wrote actually made it out there would be an intro tune for an Irish Disczine called Amnesia issue 2 I think it was back in 1992, and went under the Handle of "Punisher", I have written about maybe 14hrs of music, but allot of it is not great by a long shot :mad I have it here as a recollection of memories from that time.

    what I could do is maybe separate a collection of them which I feel to be the best (worsted lol) and if there's a portal I can upload them I would gladly do so :great

    take care

    all the best

    Darren A.K.A. Greyfox..a.k.a Punisher(1992)

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