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  1. cosmicfrog
    28 February 2010 22:38
    I hope it turns up monday along with my 1541 II

    mind you if it dose mac stuff will be put back even further hehehehe
    had to install a printer for some chiness ppl we know and they gave me a laptop that has been thrown against a wall, so screen is completely gone on it, took me about half hour to find the bios key, as had to use key combo every time i turned it on to get eternal monitor to work, but think gfx chip is to far gone for machine to be of any use.
  2. prowler
    28 February 2010 22:23
    Hey, I hope you get the '040 card for your A4000 this week! :)
  3. prowler
    28 February 2010 00:33
    Success! That Macintosh Garden Vanlandingham.sit file is the Amiga Boing Ball Demo for Macintosh! I've uploaded a disk image to the Zone for you. :)
    Check out the thread for details/screenshots. :D
  4. cosmicfrog
    27 February 2010 01:59
    No rush M8, I`ve got plent to do myself :)
    just put some Zipsticks up for sale 1 plus postage
  5. prowler
    27 February 2010 01:57
    Okay m8, I'll try to get you a disk image uploaded to the Zone tomorrow. I'm sure Sune Salminen would appreciate it too. :) I would do it right now, but I had to take my PowerMac off from on top of my scanner to get the CrossMAC manual done, so now it's sitting on the floor in the corner.
    I'm still working on recovering Titler's last three disks. I'm making some progress, but working with non-DOS disks is not my favourite passtime. ;)
  6. cosmicfrog
    27 February 2010 01:47
    think I`ve found a lead at amigakit

    now you know why I asked if you could put it on a disk for me, i do mean an image of a dsk and not a real one heheheh, I got it unpacked alright but its on me netbook
  7. prowler
    27 February 2010 01:38
    Yep, I'll make you a lead up if you can give me the details. :)
    I'm not surprised you couldn't get the boing demo working in Mac OS 8.1. It's designed to work in System 6 on a Mac Plus. Lots of programs written for System 6 and 7 won't work in Mac OS 8 or above.
    I'll try it in Mini vMac when I get time.
    Yes, I hope he sends it to me. I enjoy resurrecting old floppies. But people seem strangely reluctant to let me have a go. It's not as if I'm going to do the disk any further damage, even if I can't save it!
  8. cosmicfrog
    27 February 2010 01:26
    Hi ya, finaly won a c64 disk drive on ebay, cost 22 inc post so not that bad
    remember me asking you if you could solder a lead up for me for connecting c64/disk drive would you still be willing to do it for me if I can`t source a cheap one from somewhere, to be honest its the transistors that put me off doing it,

    must set that mac up this weekend, could`t get the boing demo work in sheepsaver pc emu, said it run out of ram and that was with 1gig an os 8.1 ish

    oh and someone has a duff disk hehehhe there finaly pm`d you about it, hope he sends it to you and you get it sorted
  9. prowler
    23 February 2010 00:23
    I think they're either dongles or inline scan-doublers/flicker-fixers, but I've no idea otherwise.
  10. cosmicfrog
    23 February 2010 00:14
    on these a600`s wonder what the white box`s are to left of the modulator

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