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Conversation Between cosmicfrog and prowler
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  1. prowler
    01 May 2014 01:20
    Hi Cosmic! Welcome back, mate! :D
  2. cosmicfrog
    07 July 2011 00:19
    Hey started a sympath thread for ya er head hehehehehehhe
  3. prowler
    07 July 2011 00:07
    Hi Cosmic! You have a PM...
  4. cosmicfrog
    06 July 2011 23:45
    wot you done now !!! How are the eyes then LOL, sorry just thinking of u trying to read this.....
  5. prowler
    26 March 2011 23:18
    Hi Cosmic, I couldn't find the Mac-2-Dos software anywhere online. :-( There was a thread on EAB asking for it a while ago, I'll just have to bump it up again. Someone must have it. ;-) A Mac external FDD would be handy in any case, so I'll keep my eyes peeled. I do have several A-Max manuals in PDF from a variety of places. I suspect I've got some duplicates among them which will come to light when I sort them out.
  6. cosmicfrog
    26 March 2011 22:34
    I`m glad you liked well I was fairly sure you would, Its a shame it did`t come with a floppy disk with the software on. I hope we can track that down fairly quickly as that be great. Ok I`ll keep my eyes open for a mac external FDD I did bid on one a few weeks back but I did`t win it, think it went for 25 ish
    I have also aquired some pdfs of the amax manual do u already have them ??
  7. cosmicfrog
    25 March 2011 03:16
    Yep saw a drive on Ebay a few days ago but I could`t afford the 20, sorry, also the software is missing so I hope U can find some one who has had this and that would be willing to share the disks ;)
  8. prowler
    24 March 2011 23:48
    Received it today. Thankyou very much, you're very kind. I try keeping my eyes open on eBay for stuff like that, but never noticed that one. I never knew that MAC2DOS had a hardware component for hooking up a Macintosh external floppy drive, so it's all the more interesting for that. I haven't got one of those, unfortunately, but now I'm on the lookout for one, so if you see one please let me know. Well, I'm off to download the software for it now. Thanks again. mate!!! :)
  9. prowler
    24 March 2011 00:41
    Wow! Can't wait! :D
  10. cosmicfrog
    23 March 2011 02:06
    I was getting a bit paranoid just incase you had moved or something, I`ll give you a clue it has something to do with the amiga and another computer starting with a M from a company starting with an A ???????? :)

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