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  1. quahappy
    05 April 2013 22:44
    Hi amigapd,

    Firstly, I wish to apologise for the LONG delay in replying. Real life in the last year has been one hell of a bumpy ride (six months spent on daily visits to hospital to my father-in-law who had 50/50 chance after having half a lung removed for cancer and he thought it would be great fun the day after the major operation - which went well - stop breathing. He ended up on life support. Fortunately he's on the mend and back home). Over the last month or so I've gotten round to posting on forums and back into retro gaming again and then I remembered your PM.

    I'd be more than happy to conduct an interview (providing it's not a "live" one lol). I worked on other AMOS games but never released them. Again, life circumstances back in 1995 turned my life upside down and I ended up leaving the Amiga scene.

    Blimey - sounds like I'm all doom and gloom! Apologies, just telling how it was. Hope to hear from you soon either way.

    Best regards

    Andy (quahappy)
  2. amigapd
    14 January 2012 09:45

    Would you be interested in answering some questions about your public domain programs for our interview section - (link below shows most recent interview and the other one shows all the interviews we have completed so far) - Am I correct in thinking that you made other games in addition to Pokermania?



    Also in reply to the pd compilation disk, I apologise for the music from the cd which continues to play during pokermania - the cd was not fully play tested by myself due to the number of games and I did ask for play testers from EAB to help identify problems like this - I have currently stopped working on the CD as I am now starting work on first ever game - a football management game.


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