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Conversation Between DDNI and Zetr0
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  1. DDNI
    04 May 2010 19:52
    Just too popular ;) space now
  2. Zetr0
    04 May 2010 19:30
    Hiyas m8y, your inbox is full =D
  3. DDNI
    20 January 2010 22:57
    hi zetr0 HNY!! Have you had any update on my a630 this year?
  4. Zetr0
    11 October 2009 06:15
    at the moment my friend, no.... I am truly sorry run out of time these last two days... its okay though. I have all day sunday planned for you little A630 =D
  5. DDNI
    10 October 2009 21:53
    Any progress with my baby? ;)
  6. DDNI
    08 October 2009 00:33
    Lo matey, just booked my flight for the Amiga Revival event on 12th December. You gonna be there?
  7. DDNI
    19 September 2009 15:26
    Your ICs are packaged and ready to go. You want the Mobo? (rev 6a)
  8. DDNI
    17 September 2009 10:05
    Good stuff, I look forward to the diagnosis...
  9. DDNI
    17 September 2009 00:26
    Hi Zetro, does she live? ;)
  10. DDNI
    14 September 2009 14:45
    Heh I would have loved to get to the Retro show too. Sadly the Irish Sea makes such endeavours a bit pricey... Additionally, this weekend I arranged a surprise treat at the Dorchester in Londinium for me and the wife (which was significantly cheaper than letting me loose with a Credit card in a Retro market LOL)

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