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  1. paulo_becas
    18 February 2010 12:56
    Hi bippym!
    I'm just leaving some suggestions.
    Since you're one of the wiki project responsable i'll leave a suggestion.
    There are lots of guys around here who bought their Amigas back in the 80's and early 90's, a lot of this guys were kids who just wanted to play a few games (like me).
    Now, that my interest goes beyond games, why don't you make a step by step guide on how to install a hard disc in an real amiga and, of course, the various versions of workbench, how to install all the good stuff that still around, like like the kickswitcher for instance and all the basic things. All i see is WinUAE guides and very few guides to real amigas, that's what's missing.
    I think the effort of everyone around here is great.
    I'm recovering a few amigas and i intend to post the journey i made to make them work along with all the improvments i made to them. That's my way of helping out the forum. As i see it, my experience can help a lot of people as the experience of other members help me out in my process of recovering them.
    Hope i can help out to.
    I have a few schematics that i can leave here, for instance, i have the service manual of Amiga 500+ and for the 1081s-P1 Commodore monitor.

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