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Conversation Between Galahad/FLT and D4Ni3L3
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  1. Galahad/FLT
    29 November 2008 22:55
    No idea, it works on WinUAE here, it should work on yours.
  2. D4Ni3L3
    29 November 2008 22:03
    Hi Galahad....

    Thanks fot replying me.

    I got a guru with Kick Off III AGA that is :

    Error: 8000 0003 Task: 00C03508

    Can you tell me what is it?

    many thanks Cracker!

  3. Galahad/FLT
    29 November 2008 21:54
    Kick Off 3 AGA works with Winuae fine.

    2meg chip ram
    020 processor
    immediate blitter
    normal floppy speed

    Just tried it, and this unfortunate game worked ;)
  4. D4Ni3L3
    29 November 2008 21:40
    Hello Galahad!

    Hi...how are u?

    I tried Kick Off 3 Aga in the Zone with WinUAE and KS3.1 but I only see black screen! Any hint please?

    Have a nice week end


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