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Conversation Between emufan and alexhard
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  1. emufan
    24 July 2013 19:03
    i already tested verion 3.x ; also back in the days, when it was first available, for sure with lightrave, i simply forgot about it :)
  2. alexhard
    24 July 2013 08:29
    Have you 3.1 update for Toaster4000? I intall it and check lw3 with lightrave. it's working too. LW version 3.0. i know that 3.1 update for toaster includes LW 3.1 also.
  3. emufan
    23 July 2013 16:03
    i already installed the version 2.0 of toaster software, adding lightrave and it did work as you said :)
  4. alexhard
    23 July 2013 09:12
    If you need ready to use version with lightrave just let me know. i'll send it to you or zone it
  5. emufan
    22 July 2013 16:39
    oh, cool. did not tested with lighrave, will try soo :)
  6. alexhard
    22 July 2013 09:11
    Posted screenshots in Lightwave Plugin thread. Yes, LW 2 doesn't work without toaster board, but smart people made LightRave thing for this :-).
  7. emufan
    19 July 2013 16:47
    just post pictures in the Lightwave Plugin thread. :)

    if you edit your message you can "go advanced" and choose "manage attachments" - here you can add pictures.

    does LW2 works without the toaster? never tested this verson, since i dont have a toaster.

    btw. the Lightwave History wiki is looking for version 2.0 screenshots. you can also send some screenshots to them :)
  8. alexhard
    19 July 2013 09:32
    i will when do something, he he :-). I can send some screenshots of it for now. but i don't know how to load it here. If you interesting with it i'll do post them some how or
    send them directly to you, or even give working lw2 to you :-)

    It works without Toaster
  9. emufan
    18 July 2013 18:08
    post a screenshot, if you create something with it :)
  10. alexhard
    18 July 2013 08:12
    yeah. already installed. get lightwave 2 from there and made it work. ah what a great programm :-)

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