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  1. garyg
    18 February 2011 04:48
    Hi, I'd like to get rid of some of the numerous
    issues of old Amiga magazines in my basement
    (I subscribed to Amiga World from some time in late 1990 to 1994,
    and I receive a donation of a nearly-complete set of Amazing
    Amiga (at least through 1994).

    I submitted a .zip archive of some scans months ago (an Amiga Format issue
    or two) but didn't hear anything. I seem to remember that
    there are many scans that have been received and are awaiting uploading,
    so if you don't need the above I'll just throw 'em out and hope they'll
    be on AMR before I need to read them again (unlikely, but I am a pack rat
    and rarely throw anything out :-)


    P.S. I sent this to Codetapper but it bounced; also, after I saved the AMR link to my bookmarks I saw the Bombjack site that I'd bookmarked last year. He has these issues, so does AMR want them anyway?

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