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Conversation Between Big-Byte and NovaCoder
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  1. Big-Byte
    10 January 2009 22:06
    Download Amiga Hardware reference manual here: http://www.programmersheaven.com/dow.../download.aspx
    Other useful stuff here (base page): http://www.mways.co.uk/amiga/howtocode/ and AGA specific stuff here: http://www.mways.co.uk/amiga/howtocode/text/aga.php
  2. NovaCoder
    10 January 2009 01:29

    Yep well now's the time to pull your finger out then isn't my son?

    Any help would be of course appreciated as I'm clueless about Miggy development and AGA specific development documentation is very thin on the ground.
  3. Big-Byte
    10 January 2009 00:18
    Hi mate :) Sorely tempted to help you write that shoot-em-up. Unfortunately last time I did programming on the Amiga was 20 years ago!

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