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  1. Steve
    20 January 2013 21:20
    Great, thanks a lot. Feels like quite a complete list now. :)
  2. prowler
    20 January 2013 20:41
    It is done now! :-D
  3. Steve
    20 January 2013 20:39
    Ah ok. Thanks.
  4. prowler
    20 January 2013 20:31
    Ah, I see, but you posted the information on your own profile page and I didn't see it. (I was replying via 'View Conversation'.)
    Okay, I'll go and do it now! :-)
  5. Steve
    20 January 2013 16:16
    Sorry I thought you meant me to post here and you would make the changes. ok, I have posted the same information in the thread.
  6. prowler
    19 January 2013 23:41
    How? You haven't posted the update information yet!
  7. Steve
    19 January 2013 23:32
    Hi. Don't forget to edit the post now.
  8. prowler
    18 January 2013 22:39
    Hi Steve,
    I'm sorry, It is not possible to edit posts older than 2 years without modererator privileges.
    I can update the post for you if you provide the update information in a new post to your thread.
  9. Steve
    18 January 2013 22:33
    Hi. I would like to edit a post in my sticky thread 'compiling list of amiga games with manual protection' in request other, but it doesn't allow it. Is it because it is quite old? I want to update the list with new information.

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