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Conversation Between Snyfls and stevsurv
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  1. stevsurv
    12 January 2017 13:25
    How are you old friend? Hope you are well.
  2. stevsurv
    27 July 2016 09:41
    A speedy recovery!
  3. Snyfls
    25 July 2016 01:02
    Thanks. Its gonna be ok, no dramatic consequences, its for sure now. it just takes ages to fully recover.
    I slipped on ice when going downhill. Thankfully no open fracture
  4. stevsurv
    20 June 2016 16:16
    Wow! Sorry to hear. Hope you get better soon, mate. What happened?
  5. Snyfls
    19 June 2016 16:12
    Health problems, serious. Broken leg, arm, ruptured tendons, it takes months to recover. Not easy to type and work with pc now.
  6. stevsurv
    17 June 2016 20:50
    Hey how the #$@%^! are ya? U don't write anymore.. boohoo hooo..
  7. stevsurv
    05 February 2016 05:10
    Weird? Yes thats why I am here.. <big grin> Just grew a nice beard in tha last couple months. Beardo weardo for a diff login name? haha!
  8. Snyfls
    03 February 2016 19:23
    I usually check whats new on subscribed threads and then leave :D This is place is weird.
  9. stevsurv
    29 January 2016 22:40
    Hey man how the bl@#$!dy hell are ya! Bean a while since we shared dialogue.. Log? Hmmm
  10. stevsurv
    02 December 2015 11:16
    Orgies??!! Hmmm.. A white xmas? hehe Spose if your snowed in... But the big red guy can still get in via the chimney!

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