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Conversation Between Titler and cosmicfrog
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  1. Titler
    13 November 2009 21:37
    Speedball 2 doesn't suck... It's not even managed to get my pants off yet!
  2. cosmicfrog
    13 November 2009 14:10
    don`t want to say I told you so but
    speedball2 4 pc sucks big time
    just put it behind you and move on
    ps don`t forget to click on cosmicfrog to reply :)
  3. cosmicfrog
    31 August 2008 14:42
    it ok, just thought u mentioned stoke in a post
    I`m from Hanley but now live in Leek which might as well be back of beyond
    thought if ya were local might want to meet up thats all
  4. Titler
    30 August 2008 23:36
    Sorry for the delay in getting to you; No I don't, although I did go to University in Keele... been a few years since then though ;) Why do you ask?
  5. cosmicfrog
    18 August 2008 17:35
    hi ya and ribbits to ya
    you would`t be livin in the potteries would ya ? or be a potherb as we get called out here in leek.

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