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Conversation Between Abaddon and mai
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  1. mai
    29 August 2013 18:53
    ok, then original crack get [b doscopy] flag + Descriptor and adding the fixed version to TOSEC.
  2. Abaddon
    29 August 2013 01:07
    That looks to be the case, the original dms structure is not corrupt.
  3. mai
    28 August 2013 18:42
    So original crack was released with this error(DosCopy on NDOS Disk)?
  4. Abaddon
    28 August 2013 04:16
    I tested after uploading and found that there was a gfx issue on level 5. I used my original to fix it. About 20 bytes of data were bad. I re-uploaded the the file.
  5. Abaddon
    28 August 2013 02:58
    Uploaded original dms to the zone
  6. mai
    27 August 2013 18:35
    Its because of "Mercs", in Bootblock you can read "Abaddon Was here", so i suppose its cracked by you, right?
    If so, may i ask you for original release, the one in TOSEC has an error.
  7. Abaddon
    27 August 2013 06:15
    Cracked for my own use and for some friends, but mainly I cracked games when doing JST installs and later/currently WHDLoad installs. Slowed down a bit for the summer.
  8. mai
    20 August 2013 14:42
    Hello Abaddon,
    are you a former scener, who cracked some games in those old days?

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