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  1. ramparts
    01 May 2012 19:08
    hi steve i am writing you as haven´t got a chance to say i am from portugal and love all your amiga mods,although i am with a problem and think you have the solution,i am having a scsi 25 pin centronics lacie externel cd rom ,and needed to conect to my amiga 1200 ,i have a mtec 1230 accelerator and need a scsi cable it is one of those 50 pin types,my question is when i got the accelerator cable is it just plug and play or need extrasoftware,by the way my amiga 1200 ,3.1 kickrom 4gb cf card and 8mb accellerator and amiga os 3.5 ,loved if you can help mant thanks Gonçalves-Portugal

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