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Conversation Between fitzsteve and Dreedo
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  1. Dreedo
    14 July 2011 22:56
    Know anything about stuff like this?


  2. Dreedo
    21 December 2010 23:53
    Mmmm disapointing, my dad didn't get his wages, which means i cant buy my MSP. Hopefully wages appear before the deal ends. :P I hate Xmas, everyone turns lazy.
  3. Dreedo
    02 December 2010 20:26
    You ever had any trouble with TSGUI?

    I have it almost working now, it boots up, i write to disk, but when i hit 100% progress in writing the ADF to a blank floppy, it asks me to insert my WB boot disk (the one with the CF drivers) and when i insert the WB boot disk, nothing happens, the drive won't read the disc, it continues to say theres no disk in the drive, my only option is to cancel the operation, which turns the disk i was writing the ADF to to become a NDOS disk.

    Any ideas? :/
  4. Dreedo
    02 December 2010 15:45
    ADF blitzer says it needs some FASTRAM to run :/
  5. Dreedo
    09 November 2010 00:25
    Sorry mate, im gonna have to pull out of the deal. Sorry for any inconvenience. :)
  6. Dreedo
    08 November 2010 03:24
    Ow CF cards cost a lot, sure i saw a 128mb on amazon for about 3 once, now they're all 8 or more (including P&P, which rather annoyingly seems to be set at 3.50 for everything)
  7. Dreedo
    05 November 2010 18:18
    Just wanted to know, how much would you charge for the PCMCIA adapter + CF Card + The freeware software(if you can get hold of some) + The mouse? I think that was everything. :)
  8. Dreedo
    04 November 2010 18:03
    ok cheers.
  9. fitzsteve
    04 November 2010 17:56
    Cool beans, well I've got some disk labels, so if we do a deal I'll throw some in FOC :-)
  10. Dreedo
    04 November 2010 17:48
    Well most are rubbish, i have around 30 magazine discs that my aunt gave me, so should be able to put a few on them. :)

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