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Conversation Between prowler and cosmicfrog
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  1. cosmicfrog
    08 December 2009 10:37
    try takeing the fpu and crystal out first
    oh sad news but zetro said he had it working
  2. prowler
    07 December 2009 22:39
    OK, I tried the 8MB RAM card on my Escom A1200 and it doesn't work. I really didn't expect it to after you said it hadn't worked for you. That's why I haven't been in too much of a hurry to try it myself.
    As supplied, it just killed the machine - and also with all other combinations of jumper setting.
    The A1200 boots fine with my Analogic 8MB card fitted - it just doesn't register any additional RAM when it's not working properly. But when I fitted the SIMM from your card in it and plugged it into the trapdoor expansion of my A1200, it red-screened and gave me a defective expansion card message. This led me to believe that maybe your 8MB SIMM was defective, but when I fitted the 8MB SIMM from my Analogic card into your card and tried it, my Amiga was still dead.
    The strange thing is, that when I refitted my 8MB SIMM to the Analogic card and tried it again, the A1200 booted up fine and reported 2MB Chip RAM + 8MB, so it's working again!!! :D
    I will try your 8MB SIMM in my Macintosh Performa 6200 tomorrow, but it does look like your 8MB RAM card is still faulty.
  3. prowler
    06 December 2009 20:58
    Thanks. If he has one, I would really like it, as I can't do anything at all at the desktop and those mice do seem quite rare. Fortunately, the Risc OS User Guide provided enough info for me to use the command line to check that it's all working properly. :)
  4. cosmicfrog
    06 December 2009 20:47
    just had a look for mouse, only got serial pc mice, all end in 9pin din apart from a genuis which ends in 23pin and has 3 buttons, I`ll ask on tuesday if he has one and what he wants for it, we did`t see one in that big box of wires and stuff I`m sure you would have had it if we had.
  5. prowler
    06 December 2009 20:16
    I really need an Archie mouse (3 button "tank" type with 9-pin mini-DIN plug). (Charlie has 1MB RAM upgrade and 3.1 ROMs.) Nope, I've heard nowt lately from Doog (just like everyone else ;)). I wish I'd noticed the missing mouse when we were there. :(
  6. cosmicfrog
    06 December 2009 20:03
    cool, it have to wait till I`ve modded the ds though, might have found someone who has archi bits for sale if you need anything, hes got an old c64 drive for me so I`m happy, have u heard anything from doog lately
    edit bum just poseted this to myself heheheheh
  7. prowler
    06 December 2009 20:00
    Nope, still not tried it. Been very busy. Will try it tomorrow. :)
    BTW, there's a DSLite port of Mini vMac, and it's very good too. :D
  8. cosmicfrog
    06 December 2009 19:55
    Hi ya
    have you tried that 8 meg ram yet, dose it work
    got myself a DSlite today
  9. prowler
    29 November 2009 22:27
    It's funny you should mention that. It crossed my mind that I hadn't tried it when I was reassembling the A3000. Will try it next, before I have a look at the Macs. :D
  10. cosmicfrog
    29 November 2009 22:19
    have you had time to try the 8meg ram in a 1200 yet ?

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