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Conversation Between prowler and cosmicfrog
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  1. prowler
    14 March 2010 19:36
    Thanks, mate! :D
    I won't know whether the markings on the ROMs I've ordered from Vesalia will match yours until they arrive, but every bit of information I can get will help, as all the fitting instructions for these ROMs contain different information, depending on where you get them from.
  2. cosmicfrog
    14 March 2010 19:14
    ok Good job I`m Takeing A4000 apart for new A3640 which has finaly turned up :) as roms are conveniently placed under processor board. So acording to sticker on my roms I have V40.68 from power computing with 4000-0 U176 on the left in D0-D15 and 4000-1 U175 on the right in D16-D31
    Hope this helps
  3. cosmicfrog
    14 March 2010 12:27
    no problem it be sunday nite sometime when i get home
  4. prowler
    12 March 2010 22:32
    Hey Cosmic,
    Could you have a look at the Kickstatrt ROMs in your A4000 and give me the details of the chip markings and which chip goes in which socket, please? I assume you've got the v40.68 3.1 ROMs?
    I have a set of v40.68 3.1 ROMs being shipped to me from Vesalia to upgrade my 3.0 set, but apparently the instructions on which chip goes where are a touch ambiguous. So I would appreciate any info you can give me about the upgrade. Thanks mate!
    BTW, I picked up the A5000 today and it's a beauty! :D
  5. prowler
    09 March 2010 20:37
    Hey, I just won the A5000 for 17.00! :D
  6. prowler
    09 March 2010 02:54
    I'm going to bid for that Archimedes A5000 tomorrow before it closes. :) West Wickham is only just a few miles from here. :D
  7. cosmicfrog
    09 March 2010 02:52
    wow have I, did`t even notice LOL, tanks for the update :)
    2x C64 FDD arived today but still no A3640 :(
    + got virused, again LOL
  8. prowler
    09 March 2010 02:35
    Congrats on reaching 2000 posts, mate! :)
  9. cosmicfrog
    28 February 2010 22:50
    might be but guy was sposed to have got angry at something
    still its a free 1gig ram stick and a 120gig sata drive :)
    but be nice if could get it work as would love make it a hackintosh
  10. prowler
    28 February 2010 22:47
    If that laptop has been thrown against a wall, there was probably something else wrong with it before that (the gfx chip?). ;)
    BTW, are you going for 2000 posts tonight? :D

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