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  1. Galahad/FLT
    20 August 2015 14:26

    Decided to resurrect my A1200, going to need some bits.

    1). Amiga to PC Monitor, its a Samsung with standard PC connector on the end and apparently Amigas and Samsungs generally work alright with each other.

    So i'm going to need a combined cable to plug into the monitor to Amiga socket, or a cable with some kind of converter to fit Amiga. I'm sure you know.

    2). I've also got one of these 4GIG cards as a hard drive, but want to extend it somehow, do you do a kit to reposition it so it can be removed externally to be plugged into a PC for copying shit? Dont want to lose the floppy drive.

    3). New mouse would be nice I suppose!

    Got any of that stuff? Cheers
  2. Galahad/FLT
    13 August 2015 17:47
    Clear your pms please champ, got some questions. Ta

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