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  1. fs-uae - a new multi-platform amiga emulator for games!
  2. FS-UAE Net Play
  3. FS-GUI 0.1 (A frontend for FS-UAE)
  4. FS-UAE 1.0 Stable Series
  5. fs-uae Amiga Hardware Configuration Wishlist
  6. FS-UAE 1.1 Development Series
  7. FS-UAE Custom Controller Config - Mac OS X Help!!!
  8. FS-UAE (1.1) Help Key -> where?, mapping?
  9. FS-UAE 1.1 Development Series - Autoscaling problem
  10. FS-UAE General Feedback, Requests and Suggestions
  11. FS-UAE 1.1.1 screenmode problem when P96 active
  12. FS-UAE Developement Series 1.1.x - "White Screen Problem"
  13. FS-UAE Developement Series 1.1.x - "Freeze/Crash Issue (Intel GMA X3100)"
  14. FS-UAE - Why it have no JIT?
  15. G-FS-UAE (GUI/Frontend for Linux FS-UAE)
  16. FS-UAE: Configuration
  17. FS-UAE and external usb soundcard on Linux
  18. FS-UAE 1.2 Stable Series
  19. Shader support and scaling options in FS-UAE 1.3
  20. FS-UAE 1.3 Development Series
  21. FS-UAE Translations
  22. Web-Frontend for creating config-files
  23. FS-UAE - Support for initializing RDB hardfiles [Solved]
  24. FS-UAE For Mac
  25. FS-UAE boot on hard drive
  26. Performance issue with high-end Amiga on Linux computer
  27. FS-UAE runs reeeally slow...
  28. FS-UAE libretro port?
  29. FS-UAE Launcher
  30. Competition Pro recognized as "USB 2A4K GamePad"
  31. FS-UAE mouse speed
  32. FS-UAE: currently inaccesible winUAE features
  33. FS-UAE: missing path documentation
  34. FS-UAE: when window is open, lxpanel gets unresponsive
  35. FS-UAE: strangeness with an whdload install
  36. FS-UAE: graphics issues
  37. FS-UAE - User Themes
  38. FS-UAE: 50Hz mode with Intel/Linux
  39. FS-UAE: 50Hz mode with Mac OSX
  40. FS-UAE: Possible to use the builtin AROS ROM?
  41. [FS-UAE] Heavy input lag with VSync
  42. [FS-UAE] Runtime disk swapping
  43. [FS-UAE] Amiga Game Database for FS-UAE Launcher
  44. [FS-UAE] Control FS-UAE with iOS devices
  45. 'Error: Not enough free memory' (Boot using .hdf file)
  46. Not a known rom file error with Amiga Forever-roms [Solved]
  47. [FS-UAE] Performance of Scroll smoothness
  48. [FS-UAE] Optimized or corrected Amiga Game Database Entrys
  49. [FS-UAE] Extract strings from FS-UAE memory
  50. [FS-UAE] Boot a real compact flash card on OSX ?
  51. Self-contained FS-UAE game app bundles for Mac OS X [Solved]
  52. FS-UAE MacOs issues
  53. FS-UAE quicksave keys?
  54. Vigilante on FS-UAE / Interlaced mode [Solved]
  55. HQ2X Shader lost when changing Fullscreen / Windowed mode [Solved]
  56. [FS-UAE] OS X Lion Full-Screen Mode
  57. USB under FS-UAE?
  58. Please welcome new Moderator - FrodeSolheim!
  59. On-Screen Keyboard for FS-UAE?
  60. 14Bit-Noteplayer audio issues
  61. Using shaders with FS-UAE on Ubuntu [Solved]
  62. Is it possible to tweak Launcher settings? [Solved]
  63. Multiple floppies not working [Solved]
  64. Would you use and/or contribute to a game database?
  65. Problem with the sound of "The Faery Tale Adventure" [Solved]
  66. FS UAE Appreciation Thread :)
  67. FS-UAE Stable Series - Questions, Feedback and Bug Reports
  68. FS-UAE Development Series
  69. SmartFileSystem? [Solved]
  70. Python errors from fs-uae-launcher [Solved]
  71. FS-UAE 2.0: How make an OSX PPC build? [Solved]
  72. Linux - Joystick and Disk Issues
  73. Macosx - Sound but no image
  74. FS-UAE (OSX-PPC) - No OSD menu?
  75. uae_input.mouse_speed
  76. Does FS-UAE suport 3 button joysticks?
  77. Launcher not loading due to UnicodeDecodeError [Solved]
  78. Hard drive/floppy disk creation
  79. Possibility to configure the location of the FS-UAE folder
  80. Online Game Configuration Database for FS-UAE Launcher
  81. 100/120Hz support for LCD gaming monitors
  82. FS-UAE ported to OpenBSD
  83. Launcher UnicodeDecodeError [solved]
  84. Screen dragging
  85. FS-UAE with A1200 emulation on netbook
  86. Unity / Ubuntu performance problems (was: mouse issue) [Solved]
  87. FS-UAE Launcher portable?
  88. [Solved] FS-UAE 2.1.10 build fails on OSX PPC
  89. 1200/1200 020
  90. Why is NTSC mode so much slower than PAL?
  91. FS-UAE: function keys and key reassignment
  92. FS-UAE port for GLES/OpenPandora
  93. Fs-Uae Win8 x64 problem
  94. ClassicWB Speed
  95. Problem retrieving HTTP data with FS-UAE Launcher
  96. Problem choosing folders in FS-UAE Launcher on Linux
  97. FS-UAE Save States
  98. FS-UAE speed, Ubuntu 12.04
  99. Possible problem running WHDLoad with(out) SetPatch
  100. ESC key seems to crash
  101. bsdsocket.library support seems to be broken in latest dev release
  102. FS-UAE runs too fast
  103. FS-UAE & real Amiga hard drives on OS X [Solved]
  104. Which key is mapped to Amiga right alt
  105. FS-UAE for G4 ppc OSX 10.5.8
  106. Some issues with CD32 and WHDLoad [Solved]
  107. Porting to Tiny Core Linux and Puppy Linux
  108. [Solved] FS-UAE doesn't fetch my WHDLoad.key file.
  109. Database additions / editing
  110. Laser Printer?
  111. Mount CD on fs-uae OSX to install OS3.9
  112. Open [game] manuals from inside FS-UAE
  113. Question about FS-UAE on OSX
  114. FS-UAE 2.0.1 on Win7-64bit
  115. Issue loading game
  116. How to disable floppy overlays?
  117. [Guide] Installing AmigaOS 3.9 with FS-UAE
  118. FS-UAE: NTSC still not quite right [Solved]
  119. Missing stereo sound in FS-UAE [Solved]
  120. Hotpluggable joystick devices in FS-UAE?
  121. [Theme] New Overlay Theme for FS-UAE
  122. [Theme] New Overlay Theme for FS-UAE inspired by Amiga CD32
  123. Control layout for 2-4 players in Anadune HD install of Dyna Blaster.
  124. Green-ish screen with scanlinces on PPC [Solved]
  125. [2.1.19dev] Stuttering screen and/or mouse cursor with this version
  126. Improved scanline renderer in FS-UAE
  127. FS-UAE mounting PC devices to WB
  128. CD32 emulation with real CD-ROM
  129. Ideal display settings for Amiga with scanlines, and possible new look for new FS-UAE
  130. Joystick won't work under Mint Linux Nadia
  131. Fullscreen = 1 not written to config
  132. FS-UAE and Internet (bsdsocket.library) on Windows
  133. Black screen but game is still loading?
  134. FS-UAE: Amiga model limitation
  135. New theme options, more flexible themes and easier to create
  136. I broke it
  137. Problem with hard drive and save states, and a few other questions
  138. FS-UAE - Unregistered WHDLOAD : WHDLOAD.KEY - FIX
  139. Bug with Launcher under Linux with dev23 - not able to start fs-uae binary
  140. FPU emulation
  141. Can FS-UAE be used to play on the same IP?
  142. Can't get F310 gamepad to work in 2.1.23dev [Solved]
  143. Multipass shaders
  144. Map spare gamepad buttons to left/right mouse buttons (for skipping intros)
  145. Help running FS-UAE @ 50hz on Linux
  146. yet more help
  147. Converting between directory and .hdf emulated hard disks.
  148. Should the joystick or mouse port be displayed first?
  149. ADF & HDF Creator - support for sparse files?
  150. UAE Scripting Layer
  151. Greatness of the FS-UAE + Launcher (aka thank you thread)
  152. WHDLoad games on offline computers/laptops
  153. Special key for second mouse button on Mac OS X
  154. Directory hard drives with full support for file attributes
  155. Using multimedia / volume keys while in FS-UAE
  156. FS-UAE Launcher crashes while scanning for files
  157. MacOS X 10.8 F12?
  158. Happy Birthday !
  159. Is it possible to get "netprinter.device" working on FS-UAE
  160. How to add config options to an online database entry locally in the launcher
  161. OSX (PPC) build and CD32 audio tracks
  162. I'm a fan of FS-UAE
  163. Scanline modifications wanted
  164. General user thoughts and feature wishes
  165. Impossible to write changes to ADF floppy images
  166. Advantages of using FS-UAE?
  167. Ubuntu & Amikit
  168. FS-UAE and midi support?
  169. Unable to start FS-UAE because of segmentation fault [Solved]
  170. Pausing the debian version of FS-UAE locks up window manager
  171. Floppy Sounds: fs-uae 2.0.1 -> 2.2.0
  172. Eye of the beholder 1 & 2 AGA
  173. WHDload and FS-UAE command line
  174. FS-Uae Launcher - Setting model to A4000 does not work
  175. network shares do not work
  176. FS-UAE = Awesome!!! :D
  177. FS-UAE not working online [Solved]
  178. Custom CPU and clock frequency
  179. CRT Scanlines
  180. Save disk question
  181. viewport settings for DblPAL
  182. Games that detect more ram should have the extra ram by default
  183. How do I remap keyboard keys for joystick emu?
  184. Sync to refresh rate
  185. Pause Mode crashing FS-UAE
  186. Install AmigaOS 3.1 in Real Amiga HD or CF
  187. Problem with WHDLoad Sensible Soccer 1.1
  188. Installing ClassicWB?
  189. fs-uae.net - New home page for FS-UAE
  190. FS-UAE 2.2.2 can't reach configuration file
  191. Open Amiga Game Database - Open Beta
  192. Question about the possibility of JIT in FS-UAE under Windows
  193. OAGD No Screenshots on 1024x600 Display ?
  194. So I have a whole tosec, a couple of questions
  195. Causes system freeze on Windows 8 x64 [Solved]
  196. HLSL/CG Shaders and xBR
  197. Full screen resolution with dual monitors
  198. Mouse pointer issues
  199. Which ROM image for A3000 emulation?
  200. Traceback error
  201. Low FPS / speed on Peppermint Linux
  202. Amiga Forever Value - Help!
  203. Floppy Drive?
  204. Ps3 controller mapping
  205. Missing ROM.KEY file in AmigaForever2013PLUS Edition
  206. Host OS file exchange?
  207. Added SegTracker to FS-UAE's Debugger
  208. Running Liberation - Captive 2?
  209. Can't change base_dir on OS X Mountain Lion
  210. Controller list isn't initialized in FS-UAE Launcher (Windows)
  211. No Joystick support in original LucasArts Classic Adventures
  212. Graphical Problems with Bubble Heroes
  213. FS-UAE 2.2.3 does not find kickstarts used with 2.0.1
  214. Are there any updates planned for the next time?
  215. WorkBench & Floppy Discs
  216. How to avoid /home/$user/FS-UAE folder ?
  217. Any means of mounting a dh9 hard drive?
  218. Misc. issues on OS X Mountain Lion
  219. Android?
  220. bug in fs-uae?
  221. Feature request (Audio Filter)
  222. Permission on host HD reverts so FS-UAE cannot access it
  223. Using a real CF as a HD on OpenBSD
  224. upgrade request : screensaver not disabled
  225. [Custom Config] Workbench 3.1 (Cloanto Amiga Forever)
  226. Does FS-UAE support SMB shares?
  227. FS-UAE Game Center
  228. Adding new game disks
  229. Fails to find disk 2
  230. Amiga applications and tools
  231. Screen resolutions
  232. Problem starting FS-UAE on a specific Macbook Air
  233. Packaging changes (important information for packagers)
  234. Floppy images & speed issues (Mac OS X)
  235. Deleting keys from the database
  236. CPU locked to 100% usage (FS-UAE on Linux / nVidia)
  237. Appeal for help to restore Nexusle's wrecked posts in this Forum
  238. Get past CD32 Key screen
  239. Lauching a game available as a directory not as an .adf
  240. Ungrabbing mouse on Mac OS X is awkward
  241. Amiga OS 3.9 and FS-UAE
  242. Playing hdf games + using a floppy
  243. No mouse or keyboard when game is loaded
  244. How to exit back to Workbench?
  245. Icon upgrade?
  246. HRTmon known to work?
  247. Resolution?
  248. Any plans for a virtual keyboard?
  249. Workbench locks when loading ADF?
  250. Old Machine