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  1. Undocumented Amiga hardware stuff
  2. Strange AsmOne operator
  3. 68000 code optimisations
  4. Floating point without FPU
  5. Best practices for direct hardware programming ?
  6. Optimising ILBM decode
  7. Optimizing question: instruction order
  8. NTSC variable-length scanlines
  9. Read this before you post!
  10. Move it Move it... (68000)
  11. Subpixel-corrected lines and polygons on Amiga
  12. Suggestion for ASM Usage running example
  13. CPU execution on odd cycles if no Audio/Disk/Sprite DMA
  14. Using two voices for 56K sample/second audio output rate -- OCS -- No CPU or Copper
  15. Drawing circles
  16. My super simple cross development tool chain - build and run in 15 seconds
  17. Modifying blitter registers while it's running
  18. question on resourcing relative addressing
  19. Linedraw blitter vs. CPU on 68000
  20. Blitter using the copper...
  21. Is it possible to combine 2 different sized images with the blitter?
  22. Wanting to start learning to code amiga in asm
  23. Anyone have any luck with using CPU for manual mode sprites?
  24. AsmOne: Undefined symbol
  25. Best debugger for KS3.1?
  26. 68060 change/use register stalls
  27. B channel DMA enabled during line mode?
  28. Clearing the X-bit
  29. AsmPro
  30. Bit twiddling hacks.
  31. Debugging my dodgy asm!
  32. Sine scroller - dycp
  33. Remote Debugger
  34. BPLxMOD for interleaved bitmaps
  35. MOD-player with external sound effects
  36. Compile issues using PhxAss
  37. GCC Assembler return value question...
  38. One "hole" in each scan line to turn off blitter nasty?
  39. dos.library Open() hangs
  40. Simple way to display a pic with Asmpro ?
  41. execute function from dos.library
  42. Sending Break Signal
  43. Menace tutorial AGA fix
  44. Compiling Protracker woes
  45. vasm fsincos
  46. Looking for ArtOfNoise Playroutine (68k assembler)
  47. ATT: potential lamer question @ "program relocation"
  48. Lack of blitter waits on A500
  49. Calculating percentages in assembly aka bpm and period
  50. Kickstart ROM's chipram test
  51. Datastructures in ASM
  52. [WinUAE/A500] CIA A - Timer A INT2 problem
  53. Reusing sprites on a line with VHPOSW
  54. Noobie Help (conditional branching)
  55. Copper cycles
  56. DMA-free audio
  57. Copper blitwait safety
  58. Finding available floppy drive units
  59. Some questions from a newbier
  60. AOS scratch register question.
  61. Differences between the original A2000 and later B2000
  62. WAITBLIT macro
  63. Assembler APP.PATH
  64. "Interesting" way to detect 68020+ with enabled instruction cache
  65. Disk controller coding: where is my disk?
  66. Assembler that generates all M68k opcodes
  67. 68k SoftCore development for DosBox AGA
  68. 68000 & 68020 comparaison ? (for GhostsNGhosts temporary freeze)
  69. How does a 50 Hertz image get displayed?
  70. Clean exit of code
  71. First tutorial on ASM- and HW-coding
  72. 2nd tutorial on ASM- and HW-coding
  73. Notepad++
  74. Code issues
  75. Copperlist optimizations for my tutorial #4
  76. Direct serial port read/write
  77. My First Copperbar(s)
  78. 3rd tutorial on ASM- and HW-coding
  79. noob question regarding bootblocks
  80. Simple sample player (no DMA)
  81. 4th tutorial on ASM- and HW-coding
  82. Quake 2 optimised 060 assembler
  83. vasm and word alignment
  84. Blitter fill timing
  85. 5th tutorial, Horizontal scroller
  86. Looking for Ultimate Soundtracker ASM source code
  87. Clipping line for blitter fill
  88. Argasm / Devpac Includes problem.
  89. Please help me!! Blitter pain!
  90. Help linking VASM object code
  91. Demoeffect: zooming
  92. Combining copper scrolling with copper background
  93. A few clarifications..
  94. SECTION statement and the CHIP/FAST attribute
  95. example of a CIA timer interrupt in assembler using cia.resource
  96. relation between diwstrt and ddfstart
  97. Concatenating strings?
  98. Latest Win32 VASM Build?
  99. Replayer dissasembly request
  100. Adding a VB Interrupt to AOS server chain
  101. Basics of debugging ASM in WinUAE?
  102. Emacs Mode for 68000 assembler
  103. ASMPro info bar thingy
  104. How to make it executable from WB?
  105. Found the Asm-One Manual on Archive.org
  106. ASM-Pro v1.18 Environment feature.
  107. Asm: 4 bitplanes starfield (68020+)
  108. 32-bit access on 16-bit bus?
  109. How to load data and keep your main loop running?
  110. 68000 minimal list of opcodes to know
  111. String sort in assembly
  112. vasm dead code removal
  113. NetSurf AGA optimizing
  114. ADM Sound Engine Volume
  115. Tool to convert asm to gnu asm (gas)
  116. Keyboard Issue, multi-keys pressed
  117. First doubts for game developing
  118. Neat coding style and good habits
  119. Avoiding copper strobe/blitter bug
  120. Loop optimization + cycle counts
  121. Encoding and writing an MFM track
  122. Collision detection: 2 doubts
  123. Error "No object" generating executable from ASM-One 1.20
  124. Ultimate Soundtracker: HUNK header, RELOC32 size is given as '1'
  125. Zooming using BPLCON1 (horiz. shift) am I doing it wrong?
  126. Devpac Developer Amiga Slave
  127. Translating sprite coordinates to playfield coordinates
  128. 68EC000 documentation and behaviour
  129. Word vs not word aligned playfield question
  130. Dual playfield colors and AGA
  131. Open Source GUI Library for Assembler
  132. interleaved bitmaps and blitting
  133. does VASM support a pre-defined symbol identifying itself
  134. shift pattern
  135. Best Way to Convert 32-bit Signed Value to 16 Bit?
  136. Double question about saving background
  137. DSKINDEX bit
  138. Drive enumeration
  139. How to code shadebobs with source.
  140. Optimizing SHA-256 crypto hash.
  141. Sprite positioning, vertical limit?
  142. Issue with photon/xxxx WinUAE Toolchain
  143. A simple animation - is there a better way?
  144. Most optimized Atari ST to Amiga real time screen converter
  145. Don't Hit the Hardware!
  146. Audio: Re-triggering a note
  147. NOT AMIGA (but 68k!) Art of Fighting Source Code for Neogeo [044]
  148. Best way of detecting the AGA chipset?
  149. Blitter Vertical Fill
  150. Illegal Operator on Include
  151. Min. and Max. modulo values?
  152. Which Assembler?
  153. vasm question
  154. DMA cycles - lack of clarity
  155. Interlace problem.
  156. Benchmark Code
  157. Blitter busy flag with blitter DMA off?
  158. Interesting blitter cycle diagram in first HRM revision errata
  159. Horizontal Sprite Position Confused!?
  160. Why extra branches? (Which compiler?)
  161. Dumping a section from memory
  162. Fast Blitter Line Clipping
  163. Working out a decimal percentage for display
  164. Saving and restoring register
  165. Some very rare bits available
  166. ExecBase stooopidity
  167. PCMCIA software reset
  168. mouse position $dff00a
  169. Blitter problem
  170. Blitter poly-line draw & filling - the 100th
  171. Tired of asmone, looking for command based alternatives
  172. raster dma cycles
  173. 68020 to 68000 code convertion using Ira and PhxAss
  174. SAS/C 6.3 and Assembler
  175. Generated code and CPU Instruction Cache
  176. Demo Coder Challenge - Vampire Beta Project !
  177. fastest possible rom copy loop
  178. EHB problems
  179. Protracker replay routine and advice
  180. Debugging on the real device
  181. is there a way ?
  182. PT-1210 Bug Help Thread
  183. solving the CD32 joypad "mystery"
  184. diwstrt and others for screen 240x256
  185. rastering with vhposr
  186. debugging session with exec lib
  187. [vasmm68k] what are these optimizations ?
  188. Cpuid
  189. My Amiga Hardware Programming site is up!
  190. 3D import - Tools & Example source of 3D data
  191. Which is the fastest software C2P 1x1 routine
  192. data/intruction burst 68030
  193. Hflip and capital punishment
  194. A more flexible C2P (ScummVM)
  195. call for assistance (porting scalos 68k asm plugin to aros)
  196. Copper - waiting for the end of a line
  197. Making a Devpac2 program standalone
  198. Debugging included files (AsmOne vs DevPac)
  199. OCS collision and clx registers
  200. Drawing lines off the screen
  201. Back to Asm programing
  202. Inline ASM
  203. What happens VPOS and VHPOS with external HSYNC and VSYNC?
  204. Under which circumstances is an extra-read required?
  205. bit test
  206. Copper list execution start.
  207. WhichAmiga with ACA accelerator support
  208. string starts with
  209. Using the ASM-One debugger on K3.1
  210. Optimized Alpha-Blending in asm?
  211. REPT directive in vasm
  212. Trouble writing file
  213. Reading the second fire button
  214. Hard Blits under intuition & Gif To "struct BitMap" converter
  215. max height in lores
  216. in-game timer/clock
  217. Addressing mode syntax question
  218. Sound channel modulation: Ever used?
  219. Showing a big logo on top of a scrolling background
  220. reading A4000 U976
  221. Joystick reading code
  222. Playing around with AsmOne on Winuae..
  223. Wrote my first 68k routine (inside) in a very long time, any pointers?
  224. VASM fatal error..
  225. Real Hardware Testers Wanted!
  226. Mem allocation routines safe, in metal mode?
  227. VASM wrong assembling?
  228. Color values for OCS, AGA and Halfbrite
  229. 'Raster Time' with winuae?
  230. Quick blitter refresher please!
  231. cnop
  232. Reading / writing files and the keyboard
  233. Linker to use with AsmOne (68000)
  234. noise depakker.s help
  235. SOLID GOLD source code
  236. Questions about 14 bit audio playback
  237. VPOSW LOF bit
  238. What's involved getting my game launching from WB icon?
  239. 68k benchmark program
  240. Trouble with macro parameters in VASM
  241. Parallax scrolling layer with sprites possible?
  242. Mmu?
  243. Blithog behavior
  244. 2 questions: Not used DFFxxx location Copper behavior and Indivision ECS registers
  245. Devpac - CNOP in a BSS Section
  246. C.Ltd aMEGA 1MB RAM expansion
  247. vasm and comments
  248. Love Dungeon Full Source Code
  249. Asm-One and Amiga Forever
  250. Calculate a color gradient.